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Data Security

In business today, your data is your lifeblood. Interrupt the flow of information, and your company begins losing money immediately. Corrupt or lose the data, and your company may have a hard time recovering at all.

All of Computer-Sam.com Data Security services are designed to provide you with the fastest, most reliable, and highly secure access to your data possible.

Firewall Services:

For Internet and VPN security, Computer-Sam.com recommends a firewall solution. A firewall is used to prevent unauthorized access to your network, and is the front line of defense against viruses and hackers. Easily installed into your existing network, the firewall simply plugs in at the Internet connection of each of your offices to implement your security policies and protection. Firewalls add a crucial safety element between your hardware and unwanted elements and reduce the risk that your network can be compromised.

Using a combination of hardware and software solutions, the Firewall enables you to:

  • Control incoming and outgoing traffic between the Internet and your protected networks

  • Hide your internal IP addresses from the external network using NAT

  • Control User Authentication

  • Configure access rules by user or group

  • Secure communication tunnels for remote users/Branch Office VPN

  • Filter by user, group, time-of-day or content category

Call or email today to find out how to protect your network with our Firewall Services.

Virus Protection:

Question: What's worse than receiving an infected E-mail?
Answer: Sending one to your client.

Viruses are an ever-growing concern for businesses that are dependent on e-mail, Internet access or network up-time. Recent virus outbreaks have brought companies to their knees as the viruses consumed bandwidth, brought workstations and servers to a grinding halt, or worse, deleted important company files. If a new or known virus can potentially cause problems, users want it stopped before damages occur to their network.

Our Network Administrators will take steps to prevent an attack by installing virus detection software on your system, updating software with current patches, and educating your user community on how to avoid virus threats. The use of a virus protection system is an integral part of our network design plan.


Spyware Eradication:

Organizations are increasingly eyeing spyware as a threat that needs to be blocked from reaching end users' desktops. A catchword for software programs that watch what end users are doing at their computers, spyware is said to encompass everything from marketing cookies, pop-ups and adware downloaded with peer-to-peer file-sharing programs to malicious Trojans and keystroke-loggers designed to steal personal data. Even at its most benign, spyware is generating anger in corporations that see it jamming up user desktops, causing malfunctions and slowdowns.

We at Computer-Sam.com have developed a comprehensive way to eradicate spyware and immune your computers from re-infection. 


Some of the organizations we serve have made investments in older backup technologies that either no longer work, or no longer meet their needs. Many others are still considering implementing a Backup/Restore solution for the first time.

Computer-Sam.com will help you design, implement, and maintain an archival system for your sensitive, and important data. This service includes installation of the tape/CD/Optical unit, configuration of the backup software, design of schedules, testing of the equipment, and recommendations for maintenance of the backup media. We can create a Backup/Restore strategy that will insure your data remains available, reliable and protected.



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