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Network Services:

Today’s networking technologies can be complex and costly if not implemented correctly, but in the right hands, they can provide a wealth of network efficiency and improve overall business performance. The Computer-Sam.com team can help you select from this wide array of new technologies and deploy them to your greatest advantage. Our technical expertise gives your company everything it needs to seamlessly connect employees, partners and customers, increase productivity, improve network management, protect data and reduce expenses.

Local & Wide Area Networks

Our professionals can help you design, build, deploy or maintain a robust, reliable network infrastructure that will be scaleable, secure and flexible. Our services include architecture analysis and design, network migration services, SAN (storage area networks) implementation, application server environment, data and content management tools, application and development tools, hardware and operating systems, application management, integration and interoperability, messaging solutions and desktop services.

Our network consultants use superior hardware and software solutions to create networks that meet and exceed the business and technology needs of our customers.


VPN (Virtual Private Network)::

Virtual private networks are secured private network connections, built on top of publicly-accessible infrastructure, such as the Internet or the public telephone network. VPNs typically employ some combination of encryption, digital certificates, strong user authentication and access control to provide security to the traffic they carry. They usually provide connectivity to many machines behind a gateway or firewall.

For our customers with multiple location we offer seamless, secure and affordable way to connect all the offices to a central location or server over a Virtual Private Network.

Virtual Private Networks can be access by mobile users as well.  Access you data securely from anywhere on the internet.

Remote Access:

We can provide you with remote access to your office computer or server over secure connection from anywhere on the internet.  Use MS Remote desktop, PCAnywhere, GotoMyPc or any other application of our choice.

Cable Installation:

The cabling in your office can make the difference in the performance in your network. Whether you are just starting in business, upgrading your network or moving the entire office to a new location, our experienced and professional staff will do the job right the first time. We thoroughly test all of your lines to ensure there are no hidden problems, insuring you can get your business up and running as quickly as possible.


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