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Hardware Support:

We at Computer-Sam.com have extensive knowledge and experience in hardware maintenance.  Servers, work stations, printers, networking equipment, we troubleshoot and repair them all.

If you are tired of paying for expensive manufacturer maintenance, let us take care of your spare part requirements. Computer-Sam.com provides the guaranteed spare parts inventory to keep your systems up and running with minimal downtime. Our staff of experts will work with you to troubleshoot and diagnose hardware problems. Once a failure is identified, we'll deliver the necessary replacement part. We back all of our support contracts with the best guarantee in the industry. Parts to support your contract will be 100% tested to insure that you will not have DOA problems. Also, replacements will be delivered on time. Same-day, next-day and 2-day delivery options are available.

Our Guarantee:

If we fail to meet this commitment, your contract for that system is free for one month! Plain and simple guaranteed support.



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