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Computer-Sam.com provides web and e-mail hosting.  Development, design, site management, maintenance, updates, e-commerce programming, search engine optimization and custom web application development in a variety of programming languages are available.

Site Maintenance:

We offer ongoing maintenance of your website, to include scheduled content changes, and we'll also throw in periodic changes like staff additions and or deletions and the like. Every maintenance program is custom tailored to your particular needs.

Web Site Updates:

Updates to your website differ from maintenance as they are less frequent and usually involve updates to graphics or code (design) in addition to content. Again as with all we do Updates are customized to suit the needs of your business and it's web site.

Site Management:

There are many websites on the internet today that fall into the gap between the average small business web site and the large enterprise sites. These sites require constant maintenance and updates that require a dedication of time, knowledge and education beyond what you can personally provide, yet do not quite necessitate the need to hire on a full time designer or developer. Computer-Sam.com can fill that gap by offering temporary, contract, or permanent part-time site management so your business doesn't fall behind! We can work onsite, off site, or a combination of both.



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